Australia Water & Wastewater: Utility Market Trends, Drivers, and Forecasts

15 Jun 2020
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Over 23 million people receive water services in Australia, 82% of which are served by 16 major utilities, serving over 100,000 connections each. Australia’s water supplies are highly variable, given to frequent cycles between flood and drought. As such, water utilities have long been focused on improving resiliency through investments in alternative water supplies and storage, as well as technologies that can improve water quality and operations.

Spend in the sector totals over A$10.5 billion annually on combined operating expenses and capital investments. This new Market Insight analyzes the current state of the Australia water utilities and looks ahead to understand future spending trends in the sector. 

Analysis includes:

  • Overview of the Municipal Water Sector in Australia
  • Utility Performance & Benchmarks
  • Market Trends and Forecasts
  • Utility Profiles