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A Material Shift in the U.S. Pipe Market: Changing Product & Vendor Landscape for Water Infrastructure

11 March 2020
Market Insight

The 2.2 million miles of drinking water pipe and 1.8 million miles of wastewater pipe installed across the U.S. vary in material type depending largely on when and where the pipe was installed. As new materials replace older ones in popularity due to factors like durability and cost, the material makeup of underground infrastructure slowly shifts.

Installations of pipe are the result of new construction (mainly suburban and exurban), pipe repair, or pipe replacement. With current annual replacement rates of less than 1%, the makeup of installed water and wastewater underground infrastructure does not readily reflect the shift in material preferences that is evident when examining the types of pipes being installed year-over-year

In this new Market Insight, Bluefield analyzes:

  • Current State of the Market
  • Factors Driving Change
  • Market Shifts
  • Competitive Landscape

Key Features

Table of Contents

  1. Pipe Material Shifts Across Water & Wastewater : Background & Takeaways
  2. Research Methodology
  3. Average Age of Pipes Across the U.S.
    • Average Age of Pipe Infrastructure, by Region
  4. Breakdown of Water main Material Type
    • Estimated Water Main Material Type, by Region
  5. Factors Driving Pipe Material change within Water & Wastewater
  6. U.S. Housing Start Growth
    • U.S. Housing : Building Permits (2018-2019)
    • Ten Fastest Growing States by Building Permits
  7. Cost of Pipe Material Types
  8. Policy Impacting Pipe Material Usage
    • Municipalities Explicitly Allowing PVC Large Diameter Water Mains
  9. Pipe Equipment Installations
    • Pipe Equipment Installations by New, Replacement, and Rehabilitation
  10. Pipe Segment Installations by Material
    • Pipe Equipment Installations by Segment and Material (2019-2028)
  11. Pipe Market Shifts
    • Pipe Equipment Installations by Material Types
  12. Pipe Market Shifts by Material Spending
    • Pipe Equipment Spend by Material Type
  13. Pipe Market Changes Across Water & Wastewater Segments
  14. Pipe Market Changes Across Urban and Rural Environments
  15. Pipe Market Changes Across Diameters
  16. Competitive Landscape for Water & Wastewater Pipe in the U.S.

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