What’s Driving Rapid Growth in U.S. Stormwater Management?

25 Jun 2024  |  Episode #97  |  with Eric Bindler

Interest in the stormwater management market is on the rise, driven by urgent environmental challenges and infrastructure needs. Reese Tisdale is joined by Senior Research Director Eric Bindler to unpack Bluefield’s latest stormwater infrastructure report. In this discussion, they dive into the nuances of stormwater management, exploring its impact across municipal water systems, transportation networks, and real estate development.

In this episode:

  • Market Drivers: Explore the significant factors propelling the stormwater management surge—climate change implications, stormwater pollution concerns, and the ongoing construction boom.
  • Key Questions Addressed:
    • Funding Disparities: Understand why stormwater management has historically received less funding compared to drinking water and wastewater sectors.
    • Market Growth Projections: Gain insights into the expected expansion of the U.S. stormwater infrastructure market by 2030.
    • Regional Insights: Discover intriguing trends and developments at the state and regional levels shaping stormwater management strategies.
    • Solutions in Focus: Learn about the diverse range of solutions—from traditional infrastructure to innovative green technologies—being deployed to tackle stormwater challenges.
    • Competitive Landscape: Identify the leading companies and emerging players driving innovation and competition in the stormwater management sector.

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