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Episode #31 — 13 July 2021 The “Amazon Effect” on Water

with Cullen Mitchell

The broader impact of connectivity, online commerce, and door-to-door delivery cannot be overlooked.  Amazon garners the most attention, but it is not alone in shaping this new paradigm that has accelerated over the last year. From food for dinner to toilet paper, it is all being delivered in some form of packaging. Like anything, yes, anything, the impact on water usage is changing in parallel.

Bluefield’s Cullen Mitchell joins host Reese Tisdale to discuss the “Amazon effect” and its indirect impact on water for the pulp & paper sector, plastic manufacturing, and corporate sustainability.

Water news…

Reese also shares his thoughts on recent news and highlights why these headlines matter and what they could mean for the water sector.

  • Platinum Equity’s acquisition of Solenis, the global producer of specialty chemicals used in water-intensive industries
  • Acquisition of an existing 220-mile pipeline, the Cadiz “Northern Pipeline from El Paso Natural Gas (“EPNG”) by Cadiz, Inc.
  • Desalination and iodine concentrations among children in Israel



Reese Tisdale
Bluefield Research


Cullen Mitchell
Industrial Water



The Future of Water podcast series is where Bluefield water experts talk about all the ways in which companies, utilities, and people are addressing the challenges and opportunities in water.

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