Tight Supply Chains Squeeze the Water Industry

14 Sep 2021  |  Episode #35  |  with Nathan Goldstein

Companies across the water industry are feeling the effects of supply chain constraints, which are creating headwinds even as demand soars from 2020 levels. Key inputs such as plastic resin, iron and steel, copper, and semiconductors have seen double-digit price increases, impacting firms as diverse as pipe OEMs, treatment chemical suppliers, and metering firms. Bluefield’s Nathan Goldstein shares some of his perspectives on his recent analysis of global supply chains. 

Water news…

Reese also shares his thoughts on recent news and highlights why these headlines matter and what they could mean for the water sector.

  • Artesian Wastewater Management Inc.’s, US$6.4 million acquisition deal for Tidewater Environmental Services Inc. (TESI), a Delaware sewer utility.

The Future of Water

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