Saltwater Intrusion In Drinking Water Is More Common Than You May Realize. What Are the Mitigation Options?

9 Oct 2023  |  Episode #80  |  with Greg Goodwin

What is saltwater intrusion and how common is it? The city of New Orleans has been faced with a national emergency as a saltwater wedge had been expected to reach the area impacting the drinking water supply of 1.2 million people. If contaminated, it could be weeks or months before freshwater returns, unless there is significant rainfall, leaders say.

Most coastal regions are always under the threat of saline intrusion and, in fact, many prominent, high-population regions are facing this issue long-term. In this special episode, Bluefield’s water experts discuss the what, how, and why of saltwater intrusion, the role of climate change and the global outlook, and breakdown possible mitigation options.

The Future of Water podcast host, Reese Tisdale, invites Bluefield’s Senior Research Director Greg Goodwin to talk through the event and potential opportunities for change.

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