Is Household Water Management Overlooked as an Opportunity?

1 Feb 2022  |  Episode #43  |  with Nina Aya Rossiter, Amber Walsh

Bluefield’s water experts explore potential missed opportunities in household water management. Although domestic water or household water usage represents a small share of the pie, it could represent an enormous opportunity for water management, investment, and advanced data applications. As such, digital water vendors, technology companies, and consumer product companies are looking at opportunities for monitoring, reducing and improving home water use. Another stakeholder who could be exploring domestic water as opportunity is the homeowner. Listen in on this interesting discussion to learn more about why we should all think deeper about the water we consume in the home.

This topic and discussion stem from a report released by Bluefield in January of 2022, Domestic Water: Drivers and Emerging Trends for Advanced Water Management in the Home, U.S., U.K., Australia

The Future of Water

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