How Have Water Utilities Fared from COVID?

17 Aug 2021  |  Episode #33  |  with Eric Bindler

Reliance on data played a fundamental role in helping utilities understand and manage the impacts of COVID-19. From utilities devising new customer communication strategies to the future of the utility business model, Bluefield’s Digital Water Research Director, Eric Bindler, discusses key findings from attending this year’s Utility Management Conference in Atlanta…

Water news…

Reese also shares his thoughts on recent news and highlights why these headlines matter and what they could mean for the water sector.

  • Milwaukee-based water technology company A.O. Smith has acquired a Pennsylvania-based water treatment company, Master Water Conditioning Corp., the company’s fifth water treatment acquisition since 2021.
  • Pacífico brewery in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, accused of owing 300 million pesos (almost US $15 million) to the city’s water authority, will hear the verdict of litigation proceedings on August 18.
  • Takeaways of the demise of Singapore-based desalination firm, Hyflux.

The Future of Water

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