Cloud Solutions Opening Door to Smaller Water Utilities

18 May 2021  |  Episode #27  |  with Eric Bindler

A key factor driving the rapid growth of the global digital water market is the more mainstream adoption of cloud computing, according to Bluefield Research Director, Eric Bindler.  While cloud- and SaaS-based solutions were first popularized in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the water industry has only recently begun to embrace them.

Captivating industry suppliers is the potential impact cloud computing has in penetrating smaller, more technologically risk-averse utilities. The limited need for onsite servers, tech personnel, and data management capabilities throws open the door of opportunity, enabling vendors to seek growth beyond the larger utilities. In many instances, the real need for efficiency improvements and better asset management is found in smaller communities, where capital and technology aversion represents a significant barrier to entry.

Bluefield water experts also discuss the just-announced digital platforms announcements by TetraTech and Stantec. Arcadis also gets a shout-out because of its new digital app store. The disruption is not just on the tech side of the equation, engineering firms are also navigating crosswinds that are impacting their own business strategies and long-held positions in the water sector.

Water news…

Reese also shares his thoughts on recent news and highlights why these headlines matter and what they could mean for the water sector.

  • California Water Service Group (Cal Water) announces the formation of a Texas subsidiary, Texas Water Service (TWSC)
  • Quebec-based H2O Innovation announces an  expansion into Latin America and increased efforts in the North American water reuse market
  • Bluefield’s revised ten-year water & wastewater infrastructure CAPEX outlook.

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