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20 May 2017 /
Hydraulic Fracturing’s Rebound? Forecasting Its Impact on Water Management

The hydraulic fracturing sector’s call for water management solutions has been kickstarted by a resurgence of drilling activity in 2017. On the heels of a U.S. horizontal rig count that has climbed past 650– up from a monthly average of 414 in 2016– water demand is again on the rise. But… this is only part of the story.

An inventory of more than 83,000 completed, horizontal wells have already required supply, transport, treatment, and disposal services for more than 350 billion gallons of water since 2011. To put this in context, this would fill approximately 530,000 olympic sized swimming pools.

Because of this experience and innovation, the energy sector has developed techniques to drill faster and deeper wells that now require as much as 12 million gallons per frack, or triple the volumes needed five years ago. As a result, produced water volumes will outpace demand for supplies, even if the rig count stays flat year-over-year. The simple takeaway is that this wastewater will need to be managed.

Bluefield’s current basin-by-basin analysis and forecast for water management, which exceeds US$250 billion over the next decade, highlights the emergence of new and critical inputs that are influencing energy players’ water and wastewater strategies.

Unquestionably, a US$50 per barrel of oil market environment has laid waste to hundreds of energy service companies, many of which are now in bankruptcy. The upside of this shakeout, however, has been a more concerted effort by surviving companies to focus on cost cutting and operational efficiencies, including a focus on alternative water supply and recycling.

The hydraulic fracturing sector is still in its infancy and companies, including water service providers, across the industry value chain are adapting to the impacts of regulatory shifts, competition, technology advancements, and geopolitical influences.

To support companies addressing water for fracking, Bluefield Research has embarked upon another deep-dive analysis, Water for U.S. Hydraulic Fracturing Market: Competitive Strategies, Solutions, & Outlook, 2017-2026. This Market Insight maps the rapidly changing landscape to enable more informed business decisions and strategies. As you go forward looking for signals of a sustained rebound…

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Reese Tisdale is the President of Bluefield Research, a market research and insight firm focused exclusively on supporting companies addressing opportunities in water.

Cailey McVay
Research Associate

Cailey McVay is a Research Associate in Bluefield’s Boston office, where she focuses on analyzing State Revolving Funds for municipal water & wastewater markets. Prior to joining Bluefield, Cailey researched the impact of meltwater from climate change on glacial firms through the Earth Science Department at Dartmouth College. Additionally, Cailey worked with BW Research Inc. as a research assistant and assisted with reports on Clean Energy Development for the US Department of Energy. Cailey is a candidate for a Bachelor in Arts degree in Environmental Studies and Economics from Dartmouth College.

John Berryman
Sales Director

John Berryman, Bluefield’s Director of Sales, compliments our team of water industry analysts with years of commercial experience addressing client needs through consultative, relationship-based engagements. Prior to joining Bluefield, John led West Coast Sales for the House of Kooser, for whom he was responsible for helping independent decision-makers for independent hotels develop and strengthen partnerships with corporate and luxury leisure brands. He has also built up years of experience as a Senior Account Executive for YELP, Inc. and in previous roles with Brown & Brown and Standard & Poor’s Rating Services.

John has a Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialization in Finance from American University, Kogod School of Business.


Chloé Meyer

Chloé Meyer is a Global Water Analyst supporting the Bluefield’s municipal Insight Services and Consulting practice. Chloé brings specialized water experience in governance, transboundary cooperation, and information management to Bluefield’s team. This includes almost five-years experience in project management, with focus on the Mediterranean region.

Prior to joining Bluefield, she worked as a consultant for Italy-based GeoSolutions and was previously a Project Officer for the Groundwater Systems and Settlements Section, Division of Water Sciences, UNESCO-France.

Chloé holds a BA in History with a minor in Geography and a Master in Geography and Water Management from Paris Nanterre University. She is based in Le Pecq, France.

Vincent Del Signore
Research Associate
Vincent Del Signore is a Research Analyst in the Boston office and is currently focusing on financial analysis of water companies, including COVID impacts and projections on revenues and operations. Before joining Bluefield, he interned for a renewable energy analysis firm, focusing on M&A and capital raise developments in energy infrastructure and solar photovoltaic technology.
Vincent is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Corporate Finance & Accounting with a minor in Data Technologies at Bentley University.
Awino Odhiambo
Research Associate

Awino Odhiambo is a Research Analyst in Bluefield’s Boston office, where she is currrently focused on global water supplies, including water reuse in the Middle East-Africa region. Prior to joining Bluefield, she was a Research Assistant at Wellesley College doing Life cycle analysis and management of invasive species in New England.

Awino is a candidate for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Science and Economics with a focus on Sustainability from Wellesley College.

Kelli Talbot
Content Manager

Kelli Talbot has an extensive background in publishing with a track record of overseeing all aspects of production and content management for professional publications ranging from industry reports and magazines to web and marketing content.  As copyeditor, production & content manager, Kelli works with both marketing and research to manage the production of Bluefield Research client deliverables.

Prior to Bluefield Research, Kelli spent ten years abroad in Shanghai and  Barcelona working for international organizations such as The American Women’s Club of Shanghai (head designer), the International Professional Women’s Society (webmaster), and Emerging Energy Research (production & data visualization). Her vast editorial and production experience includes roles at IHS Emerging Energy, MIT Technology Review, and TechTarget.

Gabriel Altieri
Research Associate
Gabriel Altieri is a Research Analyst in Bluefield’s Boston office, where he is focused on capital investment forecasts in municipal water and wastewater.  Prior to joining Bluefield, Gabriel worked as a Research Assistant at the University of Redlands focusing on the Ecological Impact and Regrowth Strategies of Forests from wildfire disturbances in the San Bernardino National Forest. He also has experience with GEI Consultants Inc. and Henkel Corporation.
He is a graduate of the University of Redlands with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Environmental Science and a minor in GIS and Spatial Studies, as well as a Candidate for a Bachelors of Arts in Economics.
Maya Aglialoro
Research Associate

Maya Aglialoro is Research Analyst in Bluefield’s Boston office, where she is focused on municipal water & wastewater and global desalination markets. Prior joining Bluefield, Maya worked at Boyer Sudduth Environmental Consultants in Boston and Cornell Cooperative Extension.

She is a candidate for a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Geoscience from Boston College.

Nina Rossiter

Nina Aya Rossiter is a Digital Water analyst in Bluefield’s Boston office. Nina has prior experience in project operations at CitizenBlue in Sydney, a waste and recycling management organization. As a graduate from Northeastern University, Nina holds a dual bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies & International Affairs, with a minor in Chinese. Nina’s also passionate in marine science and has previously volunteered as an educator in the New England Aquarium and Northeastern’s Marine Science Center.


Eugenia Acosta
Applied Research Consultant

Eugenia Acosta is an Environmental Engineer focused on Bluefield’s digital water research projects, globally. Prior to her time at Bluefield, Eugenia has worked for the robotics, mining, and transportation industries and in the the public sector on environmental management projects.

Eugenia completed her bachelor’s in Environmental Engineering at the University of Waterloo and Ecole Centrale Paris. She also holds a master’s degree in Water Technology and Management from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Barcelona.

Mariel Marchand

Mariel Marchand is an analyst in Bluefield’s Boston office where she works primarily with municipal water & wastewater Insight Service clients. More specifically, her research activities focus on investor owned utilities, O&M service providers, and distribution & collection networks. Prior to joining Bluefield, Mariel worked for the Department of Energy Resources as part of the Renewable Energy team and also as an analyst for Bluefield Research during her time in graduate school.

Mariel received her BA in Political Science and a Master in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning from Tufts University.

Nathan Goldstein
Client Engagement Manager

Nathan Goldstein leads in Bluefield’s client engagement activities and outreach.  He is based in the Boston office, where he is focused on industrial markets, trends and forecasts. Prior to joining Bluefield, Nathan worked at the Carbon Disclosure Project and the United States Geological Survey. Nathan holds dual bachelor’s degrees from Eckerd College and a Master of Science from King’s College London.

Cullen Mitchell

Cullen Mitchell is an analyst in Bluefield’s Boston office, where he is primarily focused on industrial water insights. Cullen began working with Bluefield during his graduate studies, during which time he delivered in-depth analysis of utility capital improvement plans, utility water rates, water company profiles & strategies, and non-revenue water trends. He has also supported the consulting practice with analysis of the U.K. market.

Prior to enrolling at Tufts University as a graduate student in the Institute for the Environment, he served with Americorps and the Southeast Conservation Corps. Cullen has an undergraduate degree from the University of the South, Sewanee and a Master of Science from Tufts University.

Greg Goodwin
Applied Research Consultant

Greg Goodwin is an Applied Research Consultant with several years of experience across the clean technology, industrial operations, and asset-based industries. He most recently worked at LNS Research covering enterprise software developments and implementation strategies across environment, health & safety, manufacturing operations management, and asset performance management research practices. Greg holds a B.A. from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and an M.A. from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.

Eric Bindler
Research Director
Eric Bindler is the Research Director for Bluefield Research’s Digital Water Insight Service. His areas of expertise include digital water technology, company strategy, water finance and investment, and the U.S. municipal utility sector. He also leads the Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN) Americas Alliance Research Group, for which he was awarded an Outstanding Leadership Award by industry peers and professionals. Eric’s in-depth analysis is often cited in the press, and he is a frequent panelist at global industry and corporate events.
Eric holds an MA in Global Development Policy from Boston University, as well as an MA in Ethnomusicology from Indiana University, and a BA in Music and Anthropology from Rollins College. During his time at Boston University, Eric worked at the Public Works Department in Needham, Massachusetts, consulted on a project for UN Environment’s Climate Change Sub-programme, and served as an author and contributor to Boston University’s 2017 Climate Action Plan Report. He is also a former adjunct professor of anthropology at Rollins College.
Erin Bonney Casey
Research Director

Erin Bonney Casey leads Bluefield’s U.S. & Canada Municipal Water Insight Service and has demonstrated experience across a range of sectors, technology applications, and critical industry topics. Highlighted by more than 100 research reports on topics including wastewater management, water reuse desalination, water affordability, and infrastructure policy & investment, she has proven to be valuable industry resource as a panelist at conferences and corporate board meetings.

Erin has been cited by CBS News, The New York Times, Reuters, and a wide range of industry publications. She has also served on the WateReuse Foundation’s Project Advisory Committee on Current Use and Trends of Reuse in the Hydraulic Fracturing Industry.

Prior to joining Bluefield, Erin worked at Brown Brothers Harriman as a Business Analyst and has international experience with Grameen Research, where she focused on Latin American economies and tax laws. Erin has a BA from Bates College and a Masters from Oxford University in Water Science Policy & Management.

Steph Aldock
Marketing Director

Steph Aldock has extensive background leading B2B marketing for market research and insight firms. She has over 15 years of experience driving go-to-market strategy across the water, energy, chemical, and technology industries.

Prior to Bluefield, Steph served as Product Marketing Director at IHS, leading their platform strategy across industry verticals. Before that, she lead all marketing for Emerging Energy Research, in the renewable energy space. She also worked in Communications and Policy for the Edison Electric Institute in Washington, DC. Steph has a BA in History and Political Science from Macalester College and a Masters in Communications from Johns Hopkins University.

Bill Ambrose is a principal at Stone Silo LLC, an investment and advisory firm specializing in Industry Research and Analysis. He has founded two industry analysis start-ups– Emerging Energy Research, specializing in renewable energy and Pyramid Research, specializing in emerging market telecoms– and has successfully managed their growth to valuation events. Mr. Ambrose received an MBA from Columbia University Graduate School of Business in New York with a concentration in international business, strategy, and industry analysis. He holds a BA in economics and intercultural studies (Africa specialization) from Trinity College, Hartford CT.

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