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01 Mar 2018

Outsourcing O&M for Water & Wastewater Utilities: Contracts, Competitive Landscape, and Trends

Companies across the water sector value chain are leveraging their positions to build a presence in water and wastewater utility O&M operations. Third-party, private firms in the U.S. currently o... »

U.S. Municipal Water Infrastructure: Utility Strategies & CAPEX Forecasts, 2018-2028

The scope of these utility infrastructure improvements varies significantly by region. Utilities in the east are focused on system rehabilitation and storm water overflows, while new water supplies and drought management... »

Asset Management in the Global Municipal Water Sector: Innovative Infrastructure Solutions & Utility Strategies

Over the next decade more than US$1 trillion in capital expenditures will be spent in the U.S. and EU alone, to expand, maintain, and replace aging water assets. Advanced asset management solutions wi... »

Potential Impacts of EPA Roll-Backs on Water & Wastewater

On 12 February 2018, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its FY2019 Budget Proposal, totaling US$6.14 billion. If executed as proposed, this budget will slash agency funding by 23%... »

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Water Utilities are Outsourcing O&M (858 active contracts in the U.S.): Will this solve our infrastructure problems?… #MunicipalWater #WaterIndustry #WaterOperations #WaterInfrastructure

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