Water for Semiconductors Forecast Data


Clients rely on our data to understand and predict water market opportunities in the semiconductor sector.

In the rapid expansion of the semiconductor industry, water requirements and expenditures are particularly relevant since a fabrication plant uses millions of gallons of water per day. For water solutions providers, opportunity is present on the treatment side, as ultrapure water is a required input. Additionally, the large water footprints of facilities increase the attractiveness of reuse solutions. 

Bluefield considers a variety of key market and macroeconomic variables, including semiconductor trends, inflationary pressures, facility-level usage, and policy incentives to forecast capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operating expenditures (OPEX) for semiconductors through 2030.

This data helps our clients address key questions:

  • Which countries use the most water for semiconductor manufacturing?
  • How do we expect the outlook for semiconductor water usage to change?
  • Will reuse or water discharge see more spend by the semiconductor manufacturing industry?

How do I access Bluefield’s semiconductor data?

Client access to Bluefield’s Semiconductor data is available with the purchase of our report, “Water for Semiconductors: Market Trends and Forecasts, 2022-2030” or through our through Industrial Water Corporate Subscription.

Can I look at semiconductor data for a specific country? Is this data tracked regionally or globally?

Yes. Using the filters in our Data Navigator platform you can segment the data by Region (Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and Rest of World) as well as by individual country.

What if I want to evaluate how the semiconductor industry’s water footprint compares to other industries?

We track water usage by industry through our Corporate Sustainability Dashboard. This also available to Industrial Water Corporate Subscription clients.

How often is this data updated?

Our semiconductor data on water use is updated on an annual basis.

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