Leading Semiconductor Companies: Water Management Trends and Corporate Sustainability Strategies

17 Mar 2022
8 company profiles, 65 water management projects
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Global demand for semiconductors has accelerated in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Internet of Things and reliance on more technologically advanced hardware in our daily lives (e.g., smart phones, automobiles, video games) has had a direct impact on computer chip demand, globally. As such, the market for semiconductors has grown to an estimated US$550 billion, annually

Given that semiconductor fabs require as much as 34,000 cubic meters of ultrapure water per day, the leading companies’ exposure to drought, let alone public concerns about water usage, is on the rise. At the same time, water-related risks on semiconductor companies from climate events, globally, are being felt in real time.

In response, select semiconductor companies have outlined strategies and deployed advanced technologies to reduce water footprints. Investments in water reuse, restoration projects, and increasing operation water-efficiency are being utilized in efforts to mitigate a growing list of water-related challenges. 

In this Insight Report:

  • Semiconductor company comparisons
  • Semiconductor company profiles
  • Semiconductor water management projects


List of Exhibits

U.S. Semiconductor & Related Device Manufacturing Facility Count, Q2 2017–Q2 2021
Water Use Intensity Ranking 2020 by Light Industry Vertical
Water Use Intensity Ranking by Leading Semiconductor Companies
Total Precipitation in Hsinchu, Taiwan 2010 vs. 2020 (By Year and Month)
Identified Water-Efficiency Projects by Country
Water-Efficiency Projects by Type
Future Water Conservation Goals by Company
Water Conservation Strategies by Company 2020 Reduction of Water Goal and Result
Micron Technology Water Positions
Texas Instruments
Water Cost Savings: 2016–2020
Company Profiles: Overview, Key Water Operation Projects, Performance Target for 2025, Water Use for Production 2016-2020
Table of Water Management Projects: Company, Location, Application, Comment

List of Slides

Section 1: Semiconductor Company Comparisons
Semiconductor Facility Growth
Water Use Intensity Compared Across Industries
Impact of Drought on Chip Production
Top Semiconductor Companies’ Water Efficiency Projects
Framing Water Conservation Targets and Goals
Approaches to Water Conservation
2020 Performance Targets
Micron Brings Water Management In-House
Texas Instruments Highlights Savings in Water and Operational Costs

Section 2: Semiconductor Company Profiles
Intel, Samsung Electronics, TSMC, Micron Technology, Texas Instruments Incorporated, GlobalFoundries, UMC, SMIC

Section 3: Semiconductor Water Management Projects
Company, Location, Application, Comment

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