Database of Digital Water Vendors


Clients rely on our digital water vendor database to identify competitors, partners, and acquisition targets.

Bluefield has built a database of over 1,600 global digital water solutions providers, collecting data on company headquarters, product offerings, age, size, ownership, and funding status. The dataset depicts a heavily fragmented ecosystem ranging from small localized hardware, software, and service businesses to large, well-capitalized players expanding their diversified platform positions via acquisitions and investment.

This data helps our clients address key questions:

  • How do digital water vendors vary by employee headcount?
  • Which companies are the top buyers of digital water solutions providers?
  • What is the breakdown of digital water vendors by hardware, software and services?
  • Which countries are seeing the most activity from digital water vendors?

How do I access Bluefield’s Digital Water Vendor Data?

Client access to our digital water vendor data is available through our Digital Water Corporate Subscription.

Can I download the raw data?

Yes. Clients can download the raw data of digital water vendors in Excel (CSV) with a click of a button. For each digital water vendor, the data table includes the following: Company Name, Country, Year Founded, Solution Category, Product Type, Employee Headcount, VC Funding Status, Ownership Type and Owner Name.

How often is Bluefield’s Digital Water Vendor data updated?

Our digital vendor database is updated on an annual basis for our Digital Water Corporate Subscription clients.

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