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22 March 2017 / Steph Aldock
It’s a Critical (and Exciting) Time for Water: A Preview of What’s to Come

2017 is going to be a big year for water. In fact, Suez’s CEO just predicted that “water is going to be more valuable than oil.” This was after Suez’s recent announcement to acquire GE water – in an effort by the French company to focus on industrial water and the US market.

On this World Water Day in 2017, we must take stock. Water is at the forefront – but the issues, markets, and strategies are changing quickly. California is still seeing water woes– no longer in severe drought, the state is now faces flooding. As a result, companies are changing their business models. Water quality and lead issues have moved beyond Flint to other cities including Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Baltimore. And we are all waiting to see how much water-specific infrastructure investment will come through Trump’s plan.

In January, Bluefield Research identified our 7 Signposts to watch in 2017. These trends still hold true. On our brand-new website, we have also outlined 15 key water themes to look out for including water-energy nexusutility of the futurewater scarcity and reuse.

Three key areas we are focusing on right now, through upcoming reports, include:

  • US Pipe Market – which represents over half of planned US infrastructure investment over the next decade.
  • Smart Water – which may prove to be the biggest “game-changer” in the future of water.
  • Water M&A –Suez (GE), Xylem (Sensus), Stantec (MWH) are just a few of the recent acquisitions. Bluefield has identified 427 deals across global water markets based on a surge of optimism and deal flow.

There is no doubt that 2017 is going to be a big year for water and water-related industries. The stake are high – and it is more imperative than ever to make the right strategic decisions. We’re here to help. Contact our team of experts to learn more about our insight servicesreports and consulting experience.

Steph Aldock is Marketing Director for Bluefield Research. Check out our new website and follow us on LinkedIn

Steph Aldock
Marketing Director

Steph has extensive background leading B2B marketing for market research and insight firms. She has over 15 years of experience driving go-to-market strategy across the water, energy, chemical, and technology industries.

Prior to Bluefield, Steph served as Product Marketing Director at IHS, leading their platform strategy across industry verticals. Before that, she lead all marketing for Emerging Energy Research, in the renewable energy space. She also worked in Communications and Policy for the Edison Electric Institute in Washington, DC. Steph has a BA in History and Political Science from Macalester College and a Masters in Communications from Johns Hopkins University.

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