Bluefield Ranked the Biggest Company Influencers at WEFTEC19

19 Sep 2019  |  Reese Tisdale

We can’t help ourselves from doing more analysis, so we ranked the companies represented in conference proceedings at the largest water conference in the U.S. next week.

Bluefield Research’s team of water experts is heading to Chicago next week for WEFTEC19, joining over 20,000 colleagues at the largest water industry conference in the U.S. As part of our own preparation, Bluefield has analyzed the conference agenda, including +1,900 presenters, +815 companies, and committee leadership impacting key discussion points.

So, whether you are off to Chicago or sitting this one out, Bluefield will be your eyes and ears. Until things kick-off, please find a couple takeaways from our analysis:

  • Engineering firms control conference proceedings. Of the expansive list of presentations and presenters, 60% (215) are associated with engineering, procurement, and construction companies (EPC). While consistent with last year’s conference proceedings, engineering firms’ pivotal role in municipal decision-making processes remains significant and posing a primary channel to market for technology vendors and solutions providers.
  • Jacobs ranks as the biggest influencer this year; top companies remain consistent with 2018Jacobs takes the top spot with 68 separate presentations, followed by Brown and Caldwell, Hazen and Sawyer, and Carollo Engineers. The same EPCs are driving the conversation year-to-year. Last year Brown and Caldwell took the top spot, with Jacobs coming in second. It’s worthwhile to note, that each of the top 10 influencers in 2018 fall in the top 12 for 2019.  Demonstrating solutions and experiences to utility attendees– many of whom are seeking continuing education credits– is one way to influence the industry.
  • Utilities continue to influence conversation. Utilities in the top 25 rankings include DC Water, Clean Water Services, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, and Metro-Wastewater Reclamation District. DC Water has long been at the forefront of the digital evolution (and marketed itself well as an industry thought leader), so it is not surprising to see them in the rankings. As utilities’ needs grow in complexity and the digital transformation continues, distilling the success stories and their challenges will become even more critical.Ranking the Top 25 Companies Represented, 2019

  • Committee landscape highlights a bit more diversity: Utilities and EPCs still dominate, making up 44% and 38% of committee members, respectively, and technology, water services & treatment make up small pieces of the overall pie and less than 6%. Why do we care about committees? Agendas and ongoing proceedings for WEF (and other organizations) are partly shaped by these teams of industry experts.

Ranking the Committee Members, 2019

More importantly, take advantage of the time in Chicago and meet with Bluefield to discuss critical topics in water. From decentralized treatment strategies to digital solutions, we are looking forward to discussing the most relevant issues in water, wastewater, and stormwater at WEFTEC19.

Our team of water experts will be in Chicago from September 22-25 and welcome the opportunity to meet with you and your colleagues. The schedule is filling up, so contact us by clicking this link or email us at to secure a spot on our calendar.