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Water Network for Energy Efficiency: Europe’s Utilities Address Key Supply, Treatment Segments

28 January 2017
Market Insight

New Market Insight analyzing energy efficiency strategies in Europe’s water industry.

Energy efficiency has become a key priority of European utilities. A combination of policy, market factors, and local network characteristics are driving water utilities to implement smart solutions as part of their energy saving measures. Private utilities, led by the UK regional monopolies, are at the forefront of smart solution deployment. Suez and Veolia have been leaders in energy deployment – now other utilities and vendors are entering the smart water space.

On average, energy represents 10% of total OPEX for Europe’s utilities but spikes to over 20% in some cases. Bluefield Research estimates that energy costs associated with non-revenue water costs Europe’s utilities over $226 million per year.

Sample Exhibit: Energy Shapes Utility OPEX Planning
Energy Shapes Utility OPEX Planning

This 45-slide Market Insight is essential for companies evaluating energy efficiency and smart water strategies. Click here for the Table of Contents and List of Exhibits. Sections include:

  • Market Drivers and Inhibitors for Energy Efficiency
  • Utility Strategies
  • Technology Vendor Strategies
  • 13 Leading Vendor Profiles

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Key Features

  • 45-Slide Market Insight (PDF)
  • Strategic analysis of energy efficiency investment drivers, policies and markets
  • Smart Water CAPEX Forecasts to 2025
  • 13 vendor profiles including smart water activity, strategic partners and recent announcements
  • Strategic analysis of utility energy efficiency strategies

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