Water Management for U.S. Downstream Oil: Market Drivers, Trends, and Forecasts, 2015-2025

13 Aug 2015
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This Market Insight, Water Management for U.S. Downstream Oil: Market Drivers, Trends, and Outlook, 2015-2025 highlights the critical drivers and inhibitors shaping the sector’s water requirements, costs, and opportunities for growth. Recent drought in Texas and California, two of largest state markets out of 32 reviewed, has become a key force of change.

The report details emerging state and federal water and environmental policies influencing the water management for oil refining.  Bluefield forecasts more than US$29.4 billion total expenditures for water supply, treatment and management solutions at U.S. oil refineries from 2015 to 2025.

This Market Insight highlights the following:

  • Emerging state and federal water & environmental policies shaping downstream oil market going forward.
  • State-by-state analysis of downstream oil refining water demands and implications of ongoing drought in key regions.
  • Analysis of more than 140 existing projects, including the outlook for advanced water treatment technologies including municipal reuse, zero liquid discharge, and membrane systems.
  • Ten-year forecast (2015-2025) of CAPEX and OPEX, including breakdown of key expenditures.

Data Analyzed:

  • Analysis of 32 states and key policies driving municipal wastewater reuse applications for refineries.
  • Analysis of 140 municipal wastewater treatment plants reused water applications, refining capacity, water demand, owners, and location.
  • Breakdown of 1.3 million barrels per day of water demand and wastewater flows.
  • Analysis of water management & treatment cost from supply to wastewater discharge.
  • Key water solutions providers, EPCs, and system operators across the value chain.