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Managing Water Inside the Fence: Drivers and Market Opportunities for Industrial Reuse

31 May 2016
Analyst Presentation

Which industrial markets are most attractive for water reuse?

This presentation from Senior Analyst Erin Bonney Casey, first given at the Annual Water Reuse Research Conference, analyze  markets and opportunities for industrial reuse in key industry sectors (food and beverage, power, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, petroleum refining, and mining).

Managing Water Inside the Fence: Drivers and Market Opportunities for Industrial Reuse – offers strategic analysis on:

  • Industrial Market Reuse Attractiveness
  • Water Use by Sector


  • Industrial market volatility causes cyclical swings in investment levels and greenfield facility development.
  • The reality of industrial water reuse is driven by overall sector activity, regulatory pressures, and risk mitigation.
  • Water-related CAPEX across six key sectors — food and beverage, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, petroleum refining, ming and power – totals US $7.1 billion annually.

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