Water for Automotive: Market Disruption to Reshape Industry Outlook

16 Apr 2021
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The automotive sector is undergoing a significant transformation shaped by a confluence of disruptive events. COVID-related quarantines and subsequent declines in vehicle miles traveled, automotive technology shifts (e.g., electric vehicles), and distributed transportation services (e.g., Uber) have shocked the transportation sector. This disruption has taken place amidst the more chronic challenge created by climate change, which underlies longer-term policies incentivizing shifts away from fossil fuels, globally.

As the auto industry transitions over the next decade to alternative-fueled vehicles, including electric, hydrogen, and hybrids, greenfield development of new facilities (e.g., Tesla Gigafactories) in new geographies (e.g., Texas, India) is expected to influence operational risks to water.

In this Market Insight:

  • Water for the automotive market landscape
  • Industry water sustainability targets
  • Auto industry company profiles

Report Features

Table of Contents

  1. Summary : Background & Takeaways
  2. Automotive Sector Undergoes Significant Disruption
    • Vehicle Miles Traveled
    • Ridesharing Revenues
    • Announced Automaker Investments
    • Electric Vehicles
  3. Automotive Sector Violations of The Clean Water Act
    • Non-Compliance Violations by State
    • Major Water Contaminants Reported
  4. Forecasting Water Spend for U.S. Automotive Sector
    • Outlook for U.S. Automotive Water Demand, 2021 – 2025
    • Water Spend for U.S. Automotive Sector
  5. Water Usage in Automotive Manufacturing
    • Water Consumption by Key Component
  6. Water Usage by Maker
    • Total Water Consumption per Vehicle Produced
  7. Auto Industry Water Sustainability Targets
    • Automotive Companies Water Use by Source
  8. Auto Industry Acts on Sustainability with Target Timelines
    • Sustainability Targets
    • Water Sustainability Goals Timeline
  9. Demand for Electric Vehicles Disrupt Automotive Sector
    • Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Sold in the U.S.
  10. Hydrogen Fuel Poised to Disrupt Auto Sector Going Forward
    • Countries with Targets for Hydrogen-Fueled Vehicles
  11. Automotive Assembly Plants Reduce Water Risk
  12. Automotive Water Management Projects
  13. Auto Company Profiles : Overview, Water Consumption, Key Water Operations Projects, Water Consumption per Vehicle Produced
    • BMW
    • Daimler AG
    • Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
    • Ford Motor Corporation
    • General Motors Company
    • Honda Motor Company
    • Hyundai Motor Corporation
    • Kia Motors
    • Mazda Motor Corporation
    • Nissan Motor Company Ltd.
    • Tesla, Inc.
    • Toyota Motor Corporation
    • Subaru Corporation
    • Volkswagen AG
    • Volvo Cars
  14. Automotive Manufacturer Presence in the U.S.
    • Total Number of U.S. Automotive Assembly Plants
  15. Automotive Supply Chain
    • Original Equipment Suppliers (North America)
    • Top 20 Original Equipment Suppliers (North America)