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Market-Based Opportunities for Private Water Players: U.S. Military Service Contracts

14 November 2016
Data Insight

Once dominated by a few select players, military service contracts now offer market-based opportunities for private water companies. While investor-owned utilities in the U.S. rely heavily on their core, regulated municipal activities, market-based activities (e.g. military, energy contracts, services) are proving to be an area of growth for select companies. Thus far, only only three major players derive more than 10% of their revenues from market-based activities.

Service contracts with U.S. military bases provide room for growth, particularly as the U.S. government is expected to continue its reliance on third-parties going forward. American Water and American States hold a virtual duopoly on the market, indicating the DoD’s reliance on larger players.

In this Data Insight, Bluefield experts analyze:

  • Investor-Owned Utility Market-Based Activities
  • Select Players Dominating Military Contracts
  • Recent Contracts
  • Outsiders Looking In


  • The Department of Defense’s ongoing privatization of water utilities is opening up large-scale opportunities for IOUs.
  • Service contracts with U.S. military bases provide room for growth, particularly as the US government is expected to continue its reliance on third-parties going forward.
  • The DoD clearly favors large US-based private water utilities but has diversified with smaller firms and engineering contractors overseas


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