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State Revolving Funds: Breaking Down Project Data by Requests and Distributions

17 July 2020
Data Insight

The two State Revolving Fund programs are administered by state agencies for the purpose of providing low-interest loans for investments in water and sanitation infrastructure (e.g., sewage treatment, stormwater management facilities, drinking water treatment) and nonpoint source pollution control and estuary protection projects. Each state is required to contribute additional funds to the program.

The onset of recession and greater financial stress on municipalities and their respective water & wastewater systems underpins the value of State Revolving Fund (SRF) programs—Clean Water and Drinking Water—on infrastructure investment across the 50 U.S. states.

This new Data Insight draws from analysis of approximately 10,900 funding requests and commitments across all 50 states. Backed by data from individual project requests, Bluefield’s team of water experts identifies trends in overall funding requests, potentially stressed systems, and needs for funding (e.g., pipe network, advanced treatment, reuse, PFAS).

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