U.S. Power Profile Shift Sparks Water Opportunity

17 Sep 2015
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Panda Power Funds’ progress towards the second of two new gas-fired power plants in the Chesapeake Bay basin highlights an increasing trend towards zero-liquid discharge (ZLD) in the U.S. power sector. Panda’s proposed Mattawoman Power Project in Brandywine, Maryland is an 859 MW combined cycle generating station planned for commissioning in 2017. While Mattawoman awaits public comment, the 778 MW Stonewall project in Virginia is under construction and planned for 2017.

Both of Panda’s plants will employ innovative water management strategies for water supply and wastewater. They will use municipal reclaimed water for supplies and install ZLD systems to treat produced wastewater. The Stonewall plant will use reclaimed wastewater from Leesburg, VA for cooling water, while the Mattawoman Plant will draw reclaimed water from the Piscataway WWTP in Accokeek.


Bluefield Takeaways

  • Greenfield power plants drive municipal wastewater reuse
  • ZLD adoption to conserve water supplies, manage wastewater flows
  • Panda’s water strategy highlights range of U.S. drivers