U.S. Desalination Market Update: Policies, Projects & Trends, 2015

17 Nov 2015
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This Data Insight, U.S. Desalination Market Update: Policies, Projects & Trends, 2015, analyzes key developments and market shifts impacting municipal desalination development going forward. Market players are demonstrating increased optimism for future build-out with widespread concerns by regulators and utilities about water supply risks.

Bluefield’s critical analysis of more than 35 projects in the pipeline across multiple states will require a break from historical trends. Permitting and regulatory frameworks must continue to evolve at the state-level for more increased activity.

This Data Insight highlights the following:

  • Installed desalination capacity by company, location, water source, capacity, technology, 2000-2015
  • Planned capacity additions by company, location, development phase & status, water source, capacity, technology
  • Water supply and environmental conditions and forecasted water demand
  • Permitting and regulatory frameworks impacting desalination
  • Cost Comparisons to alternative waster supplies