SWRO Retrofit Underscores Opportunity for ERD Suppliers

6 Sep 2013
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In July 2013, Energy Recovery, Inc. of San Leandro, U.S. announced a contract with Cadagua S.A. of Bilbao, Spain to supply ERI’s isobaric PX Pressure Exchangers for Phase I of the retrofit to the Valdelentisco SWRO plant in Murcia, Spain. Cadagua, an EPC and O&M firm with a global SWRO portfolio of nearly 800,000 m3/d, provides O&M services to the Valdelentisco plant. Valdelentisco, with a nominal capacity of approximately 140,000 m3/d, was outfitted with turbine ERD at the time of its commissioning in 2007. The value of the ERI-Cadagua contract was undisclosed.

Bluefield Takeaways

  • Valdelentisco retrofit signals emerging strategy
  • Isobaric ERD have fully eclipsed legacy solutions
  • Innovative technologies and business models provide paths to competitiveness