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Public-Private Partnerships in Water: Latin America Market Analysis

06 January 2016
Market Insight

Now available is Bluefield’s Market Insight, Public-Private Partnerships in Water: Latin America Market Analysis.

This Market Insight analyzes Latin America’s scaling PPP market across key countries including Brazil, Peru, Mexico, and Colombia. The report also includes details on shifting policies influencing project tenders, infrastructure plans, and utility concessions and how policy developments are encouraging new PPP opportunities and growth in Latin America.

The findings of this report draw from Bluefield’s Focus Report, Public-Private Partnerships in Water: Company Strategies & Market Opportunities, 2015-2020, which supports clients with key trends, market shifts, and opportunities for global PPP activity in water.


  • Policy developments are key triggers in the apparent PPP growth in the Latin American region
  • Over $10 billion worth of municipal projects under development through private participation
  • Private participation in municipal is showing positive progression in the Brazilian market
  • Latin America’s top 20 private operators manage over 90% of the region’s private participated water infrastructure capacity

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