The Changing Topography for Private Participation in Water // NAWC

5 Oct 2016
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Private participation in U.S. municipal water markets is poised for expansion. More than 19 deals totaling US$384 million (completed and pending) were put on the books for the first half of this year.  This presentation, first given by Bluefield President Reese Tisdale at the NAWC summit in San Diego, analyzes the changing topography for private participation in water markets. This presentation looks at:

  • The Changing US Municipal Utility Landscape
  • Key Market Drivers for Private Investment
  • Evolving Private Water Landscape

These and other findings are from Bluefield’s new report, U.S. Private Water Utilities: Market Trends, Strategies & Opportunities, 2016. This report provides strategic analysis of the top 25 investor-owned utilities, identifies key trends for private participation, and evaluates new opportunities for private players across state markets.