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PFAS, The Next Challenge for Water Utilities: Emerging Regulations, Technologies, and Forecasts, 2020-2030

02 June 2020
Focus Report

The health dangers from per- and polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) compounds—a class of several thousand chemicals with a seven-decade legacy of military, industrial, and commercial use nationwide—have risen dramatically in public consciousness over the past few years.

Our current understanding of both the extent of PFAS contamination nationwide in drinking water supplies and the concentrations that produce adverse health effects in the human body are in their early stages. What is certain is that PFAS will become an issue of growing concern over the next several years, if not decades, with the advancement of contamination site and health testing.

This NEW Focus Report supports water and wastewater utilities as well as PFAS technology providers with detailed data, market and policy trend analysis, and growth forecasts in U.S. PFAS remediation projects.

Bluefield’s analysis of the market includes an examination of policy shifts, technology trends, and strategies influencing the deployment of innovative solutions.

 Report Features: 

    • Database with 200+ impacted water systems by size and location
    • State and federal policy dashboard
    • Analysis of the competitive landscape including drinking treatment technology providers and biosolids service providers
    • Economic analysis of biosolid management options and potential for market disruption due to PFAS
    • 2020-2030 forecast of CAPEX and OPEX for drinking water PFAS remediation

To learn more about this analysis, download the report’s Table of Contents (on the right-hand side).

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