Opportunities for Ultrapure Water Players Emerge in Europe Amid Tech War

28 Jul 2023
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Semiconductor supply chain vulnerabilities exposed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic have triggered unprecedented government incentives (e.g., European Chips Act) that are driving demand and interest in water management solutions from Europe to Asia. Given that semiconductor fabs require as much as 34,000 cubic meters of ultrapure water per day, the leading companies’ exposure to drought, let alone public concerns about water usage, is on the rise. 

Within this context, semiconductor manufacturers, such as Intel, are altering their global strategies, including new capacity additions and the deployment of advanced technologies to reduce their water footprints. 

In this Research Note:

  • EU, emerging national country policies drive semiconductor opportunities
  • Intel’s global expansion a potential boost for water treatment providers
  • Global ramp-up of semiconductor facilities to drive water management demands  


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