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Municipal Wastewater & Reuse in the GCC: Market Drivers, Trends, and Forecasts, 2015–2020

01 March 2015
Focus Report

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region’s wastewater and reuse market is scaling with companies positioning to capitalize on more than US$40 billion of government investment slated for new treatment and collection systems. Bluefield Research forecasts US$22.4 billion of capital expenditures through 2020, representing a significant investment towards bridging the region’s current water infrastructure gap and facilitating greater water efficiency, including wastewater treatment and reuse.

This report, Municipal Wastewater & Reuse in the GCC, 2015-2020, analyzes market trends and how government wastewater treatment and infrastructure targets are creating greenfield opportunities for companies across the water value chain.

Central to government initiatives is increased utilization of wastewater reuse systems that currently represent 4.6 million m3/d of installed capacity. Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Abu Dhabi (UAE) have set targets that will increase reuse capacity by 91% to 8.8 million m3/d. This reclaimed water will be allocated to irrigation, landscaping, and industrial uses that would otherwise draw from more valuable groundwater and desalinated water supplies.

This report provides in-depth analysis and forecasts for companies addressing wastewater and reuse opportunities in the GCC region.

Key Features

  • Analysis of wastewater generation, collection & treatment capacities by country
  • Increasing role and capacity of wastewater reuse and key drivers
  • Company value chain positioning by market
  • Forecast methodology, including metrics driving future build-out
  • Country profiles with market analysis, policies, market drivers, recent development activity, project pipeline, key players
  • Excel file with data for more than 235 existing and planned wastewater treatment and wastewater projects

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