Midstream Water Management: U.S. Hydraulic Fracturing Strategies, Solutions, & Outlook, 2019-2028

28 Nov 2019
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New Focus Report just released: (Report included with US & Canada Industrial Insight service subscription).

The US$17 billion per year water-for-hydraulic fracking landscape in the U.S. continues its evolution, shaped by the mercurial oil & gas markets and geopolitical forces influencing production and water management strategies. Within this unsettled context, upstream energy companies, financial investors, and midstream water solutions providers have identified water as a critical lever to mitigate operating costs and risks.

Bluefield’s Focus Report presents a 10-year outlook, including water volumes and expenditures, for supplies, transportation, treatment for reuse, and disposal. The 14 major basins in the U.S. demonstrate the high variability from region to region.


  • In-Depth Analysis of 14 Basins
  • +55 Midstream Water Company Profiles
  • Ten-year Forecast, 2019-2028
  • Macroeconomic Drivers: Energy Prices, Rig Counts for Oil & Gas
  • Regulatory Drivers & Policy Landscape
  • Water Management Volumes (BBL): Supply, Transport, Treatment, Disposal
  • Water-related Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Financial Investor, Pure-play Water Firm, and Technology Vendor Strategies


  • What is the size of the water for fracking sector by spend and volume?
  • How are midstream water companies positioned by activity (e.g. supply, transport, treatment, disposal)?
  • What regulatory and competitive factors are shaping the ten-year forecast?
  • Which water service providers have received capital injections?
  • Which basins are demonstrating increased produced water recycling?