Mexico’s Private Water Landscape: Municipal Drivers and Public-Private Partnerships

31 Jan 2023
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Climate change, competition for scarce water supplies, and service providers’ inability to recover costs are putting pressure on Mexico’s increasingly underfunded water sector. By 2030, demand for water in Mexico is expected to reach 91 billion cubic meters (24 trillion gallons), while available supplies are predicted to meet just 75% of demand. Public investment in water infrastructure has struggled to keep pace with a growing population and is down 67% since peaking in 2012.

While the National Water Commission (CONAGUA) received approval for its highest budget ever for 2023—including an ambitious US$3.5 billion for water infrastructure—these investments are likely insufficient to modernize the sector.


Table of Contents

  • Tracking Historical Shifts in Mexico’s Infrastructure Investment
  • Municipal Water Treatment Coverage
  • Municipal Water Treatment Levels and Technology
  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants and Technology
  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment Levels
  • Desalination
  • Public-Private Infrastructure Spending
  • Major PPPs in Operation and in Development
  • Mexico’s Competitive Landscape
  • Company Profiles: 13 Players

List of Exhibits

  • Investments by Funding Source
  • Investments by Project Type
  • Total Water Produced (MGD)
  • Number of Wastewater Treatment Plants by State
  • Total Wastewater Generated (MGD)
  • Large-Scale Desalination Plants Funded Through Public-Private Partnerships
  • Public-Private Partnerships by Subsector

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