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Innovation and Funding in the Digital Water Sector

20 April 2021
Analyst Presentation

Bluefield’s Research Director, Eric Bindler, presented his findings on digital water innovation and funding at EUCI’s Smart Water Virtual Course.

In this Analyst Presentation:

  • Top barriers to smart water investment
  • Financial benefits of smart water technologies
  • U.S. digital water market outlook, 2019-2030
  • Digital share of approved SRF funding & projects, 2021

and more…

Key Features

Table of Contents

  1. Innovation Barriers
    • Top Barries to Smart Water Investment
  2. Human Resources
    • Job & Department Titles of Top U.S. Utility Innovators
  3. Organizational Culture
    • Organizational Practices of Top U.S. Utility Innovators
  4. Financial Benefits
    • Financial Benefits of Smart Water Technologies
  5. Innovation Ecosystems
    • Smart Water Industry Associations & Innovation Accelerators
  6. Paradigm Shift
    • Utility Comfort with Digital Technology Before & After COVID-19
  7. Water Expenditure
    • U.S. Water & Wastewater Utility Spend by Type, 1956-2017
  8. Water Funding
    • U.S. Water & Wastewater Funding by Source, 1956-2017
  9. Digital Spend
    • U.S. Digital Water Market Outlook, 2019-2030
  10. Utility Finances
    • Typical Sources & Uses of Utility Cash Flows
  11. State Loans
    1. Digital Share of Approved SRF Funding & Projects, 2021
  12. Federal Grants
    • Digital Project Funding from USBR WaterSMART Water and Energy Efficiency Grant Program, 2010-2021
  13. Maximizing Value
    • Other Recommendations for Funding Smart Water Projects

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