Global Municipal Water Market Renews Pursuit of PPPs // SIWW

14 Sep 2016
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At Singapore International Water Week, Bluefield Vice President Keith Hays presented on PPP projects across global water markets. Many countries are facing a perfect storm of financing constraints and water infrastructure shortfalls, calling for greater reliance on public- private partnerships (PPPs) as the total capacity planned has tripled between 2016 and 2020 vs. built capacity 2000-2015.

This presentation looks at:

  • Enablers for public-private partnerships in water
  • Key Policy Drivers for new PPP Projects
  • Contract Structures/Project Types

Follow this link for more information on Bluefield’s Global Water PPP report: Public-Private Partnerships in Water: 2016-2020 (available for online purchase and immediate download)

Bluefield Takeaways

  • Challenges to finance large-scale, greenfield PPP project execution leads governments, sponsors, other stakeholders to revise their approach to deliver on infrastructure plans.
  • Enabling conditions for Next Generation PPPs include a combination of policy frameworks, specific asset focus, and contract structures.