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Forecasting Municipal Operating Expenditures (OPEX) in Post-COVID World, 2021-2030

09 February 2021
Focus Report

New Focus Report to be released in March 2021.

Operating expenditures (OPEX) for municipal utilities in the U.S. are forecasted to surpass US$1.06 trillion over the next decade to address growing demands on water & wastewater services and infrastructure assets. Bluefield Research’s in-depth analyses of utility budgets, historical trends, and pandemic-related disruptions signal a potential US$57.5 billion change over the forecast period.

This soon-to-be-released Focus Report is aimed at helping utilities, investors, and vendors quantitatively understand the market size, future opportunities, and business risks associated with utility operations and services.

These data-backed insights developed by Bluefield’s team of water experts provide:

  • Decision makers with a 10-year market outlook supported by a transparent research methodology and assumptions for water & wastewater segments.
  • Utility stakeholders with key benchmarks against which they can compare their own expenditures by geography and system size.

Download the full report brochure (in the blue box on the right.) Contact for questions about this upcoming report.

Key Features

  • Ten-Year Forecast for municipal water & wastewater
  • Segmenting spend by 12 budget categories
  • Analysis of recessionary impacts on OPEX
  • Forecasted utility spend by size, geography, water versus wastewater, consecutive versus nonconsecutive systems
  • Key drivers influencing allocation of operating funds.

More Research

To be published March 2021 $3500 $3150
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