Europe Private Water Utility Rankings: Markets & Company Strategies

18 May 2015
Available with corporate subscription

Bluefield’s report, Europe Private Water Utility Rankings: Markets & Company Strategies, details the impacts of economic, policy, and competitive shifts on company strategies and market trends. These factors have created a unique competitive environment in Europe in which leading players are solidifying their core market positions through complementary acquisitions while weighing heavily opportunities to expand abroad.

This deliverable provides in-depth analysis of Europe’s leading utilities by revenue, water volume supplied, and population served. The report also highlights the region’s top 25 leading private utilities which serves more than 156 million people across the continent.

The top 25 national utilities with some degree of private ownership represent $36 billion in annual revenue, and serve just over 30% of the European Union’s population. Europe has seen minor shifts in terms of the level of private participation but has been stable at around 30% in terms of population served since a wave of privatization in the 1990s.

Key features include:

  • Critical policies and drivers shaping private investment in European water utilities
  • Historical evolution of European utilities and private investment trends
  • Competitive landscape of private water utilities markets, including rankings of key players, M&A activity, and analysis of entrenched and emerging asset owners
  • Company profiles and portfolio analysis of 25 companies, including key concession assets, European footprint, population served, performance characteristics, ownership structure, and recent activities

Data Analyzed:

  • Period analyzed: 2013-2014
  • 25 Water Utilities and Owners / Investors by Ownership Stake
  • Top Private Water Utilities by Volume Supplied
  • Top Private Water Utilities by Population Served
  • Top Private Water Utilities by Revenues
  • Private / Mixed Supplied Drinking Water by Country (%)
  • Key Utility Concession New Wins, Renewals, Expirations
  • M&A Activity by Utility