ERI Advances Water For Energy Strategy

20 Nov 2015
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On 20 October 2015, Energy Recovery Inc. (ERI) announced an exclusive agreement with Schlumberger Technology Corp for use of ERI’s VorTeq high pressure hydraulic fracking pump. Schlumberger will pay ERI US$75 million upfront, followed by a combined US$50 million in milestone payments in 2016. Schlumberger will also pay annual royalties for the 15-year contract duration, dependent on the deployment of VorTeq systems. ERI launched the VorTeq pumping system in December 2014 and completed a six-month testing period of the new pump with Liberty Oilfield Services.

The deal comes amid substantial oil price declines­– West Texas Intermediate (WTI) oil prices reached US$46 per barrel at the beginning of November 2015, down from a 2014 high of over US$107 per barrel. This downturn has been a catalyst for significant industry consolidation. Notably, Schlumberger announced in August 2015 its purchase of Cameron for US$15 billion.

Bluefield Takeaways

  • Low oil prices drive focus on increased operational efficiencies
  • ERI’s water diversification strategy takes hold
  • Pure-play position sparks need for expansion