Data Centers: Water Management Trends and Corporate Sustainability Strategies

29 Sep 2022
Includes company profiles + water management projects / 32 pages
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Rapid growth in cloud-based data and digital services is coupled with data center expansions and new constructions to increase storage capacity. Hyperscale data centers, defined as million-square-foot facilities, are on the rise to keep pace with heightened demand. Larger facilities present widespread implications for water supplies, water management solutions, and local authorities. Recent reports predict hyperscale data centers to total 1,200 facilities by 2026, globally—approximately a 65% increase from current counts.

Approximately 25 companies make up majority ownership of the 728 hyperscale data centers, globally. These companies represent the target audience for water solutions providers and firms seeking to capitalize on this robust and growing sector. Bluefield Research has identified seven of the largest hyperscale data center companies, globally, and has identified their water management positions and strategies. These companies’ strategies highlight new operating technologies, key partnerships, and future water goals.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Data Center Landscape

  • Robust Growth of U.S. Data Center Facilities
  • Global Transition to Hyperscale Drives up Energy Demand, Water Usage
  • Defining the Data Center Landscape
  • Global Data Center Water Consumption
  • Relative Water Intensity Compared to Industrial Verticals
  • Data Center Ownership Leaderboard
  • Framing the Footprints of Leading Companies

Section 2: Drivers of Change

  • Drivers for Data Centers to Reduce Water Footprints
  • Community Backlash on Data Center Water Consumption and Discharge
  • Data Center Operations and Technology Solutions

Section 3: Corporate Sustainability

  • Framing Water Conservation Goals among Hyperscale Companies
  • Approaches to Water Conservation
  • Water efficiency Projects among Leading Players
  • Select, New Data Center Facilities
  • Select Partnerships to Improve Operational Water Management
  • Funding New Data Centers for Mid-Market Companies Drives Sustainability

Section 4: Data Center Company Profiles

  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Apple
  • Meta
  • IBM
  • Amazon
  • Alibaba Cloud

Appendix: 70 + Water Management Projects

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