Big Data’s Thirst for Water: Sizing Water Demands and Trends

30 Apr 2020
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Scaling demand for cloud-based data and service offerings, globally, is being matched by an increase in the number and size of data centers. This broader move away from closet-sized server rooms to million-square-foot facilities, better known as hyperscale data centers, presents widespread implications for water supplies, water management solutions, and local authorities. At the current rate, Cisco forecasts hyperscale data centers to represent almost 70% of total data center processing power by the end of 2021.

In this new Market Insight, Bluefield water experts analyze:

  • The data center landscape and the impact of transitioning to hyperscale on local resources
  • Global hyperscale market expansion  and estimated costs
  • The role of data center water management as cooling demands increase with scale
  • Worldwide data center water consumption

Report Features

Table of Contents

  1. Summary : Background & Takeaways
  2. Defining the Data Center Landscape
  3. Data Centers Transition to Hyperscale
    • Hyperscale Data Center (2015-2021)
  4. Hyperscale Market Expansion
    • Hyperscale Data Center by Country (2020)
    • Global Growth in Hyperscale Data Centers (2015-2020)
  5. Cooling Demand to Increase with Scale
    • Estimated Hyperscale Data Center Costs
  6. Defining the Data Center Landscape
    • Operations & Maintenance Solutions
    • Technology & Solutions
  7. Global Data Center Water Consumption
  8. Data Center Ownership Leaderboard Transitions
    • Leading Data Center Owners by Company Type
  9. Conclusion