Advanced Water Treatment: Sizing the U.S. Membrane Market

27 Aug 2020
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The market for membranes in the U.S. municipal drinking water space is expected to grow substantially over the next decade, driven by regulatory push and an increasing number of systems drawing from impacted waterways as populations grow.

Within the U.S. municipal drinking water space, the adoption of membrane technology has grown with the advent of technology improvements, regulatory shifts, and greater confidence in advanced treatment technology solutions. Membrane treatment systems offer a relatively small footprint and simple automated processes.

The dominant material and construction for water treatment membranes today consists of hollow polymer fibers housed in cylindrical units. However, growing innovation and interest in recent years around ceramic membranes offer potential strides in performance that could reshape the landscape over time.

Bluefield water experts analyze the growth and increased penetration of polymeric and ceramic membranes in the U.S.

Key analysis in this new Market Insight includes:

  • Bluefield’s top takeaways
  • Regulatory drivers & market building blocks
  • Membrane technology & cost considerations
  • U.S. polymeric and ceramic membrane forecast 2019-2030