5G on Digital Water Horizon as Sun Sets on 2G, 3G (Updated)

13 Jul 2020
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This is an updated version of a Research Note delivered to Bluefield clients in September 2019.

On 31 December 2020, U.S. cellular carrier Verizon Wireless will sunset its national 2G and 3G networks to free up bandwidth for its nascent 5G network. Verizon will cease to support its 2G and 3G network infrastructure after this date, and legacy network performance will begin to decline. This phaseout facilitates the reallocation of spectrum to its 4G and 5G networks.

In this updated Research Note, Bluefield analyzes:

  • Cellular carriers’ 2G/3G phaseout & 5G launch timelines
  • 5G’s transformative long-term potential for digital water
  • Service-based digital water business models