The Year in Water 2019

18 Dec 2019  |  Episode #160  |  with Jeff Kightlinger, Sielen Namdar and Reese Tisdale

An all-star panel of water experts discusses what happened with water in 2019 and provides a glimpse into what they expect 2020 will look like. Jeff Kightlinger, GM of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California; Sielen Namdar, a Smart Water executive with Cisco’s Cities and Communities team, and Reese Tisdale, President of Bluefield Research, collaborate to provide you with their insights into the water industry.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

-The key takeaways from the water sector in 2019
-The role data & IOT plays in utilities
-How infrastructure continues to be a challenge for utilities
-How utilities are leveraging partnerships for better outcomes
-Convergence in the water sector and the broader utilities sector
-What issues the panelists are watching out for in 2020