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07 Apr 2020

Utility COVID-19 Response and Long-Term Impacts

Jim Williams, the sitting AWWA President, provides an illuminating interview on the utility response to COVID-19 and what the long-term impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic will be. Jim addresses the basi... »

17 Mar 2020

Challenges with and Innovations in Small Utility Systems

Austin Thompson of the University of North Carolina’s Environmental Finance Center joins us to discuss challenges with and innovations in small utility systems. Austin tackles the primary issues and... »

03 Mar 2020

Private Equity in the Water Sector with Cimbria Capital

Brian Iversen, founder and managing partner of Cimbria Capital, pulls back the curtain on private equity in the water sector in this fascinating episode. Plus, Reese Tisdale joins us for another Bluef... »

18 Feb 2020

Workforce Development for Water Utilities

Khris Dodson of Syracuse University’s Environmental Finance Center discusses a wide range of workforce development issues for water utilities. Khris identifies the problems with utility workforce de... »

04 Feb 2020

TWDB Chairman Peter Lake Talks Texas Water

Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) Chairman Peter Lake joins us to discuss water infrastructure financing in Texas and more. Chairman Lake provides a wide-ranging interview showcasing his knowledge ... »

26 Jan 2020

Troubled Water

New York Timesbest-selling author Seth Siegel joins The Water Values Podcast to discuss his most recent book, Troubled Water: What’s Wrong with What We Drink. In this session, you’ll learn about: ... »

07 Jan 2020

Moonshot Missions & the Modules that Can Optimize Utilities

After 100 episodes since his last appearance, George Hawkins joins The Water Values Podcast and discusses his work with Moonshot Missions. After filling us in on the 2 years since his departure from D... »

18 Dec 2019

The Year in Water 2019

An all-star panel of water experts discusses what happened with water in 2019 and provides a glimpse into what they expect 2020 will look like. Jeff Kightlinger, GM of the Metropolitan Water District ... »

05 Dec 2019

The Work of Engineers Without Borders

It’s the holidays and that means it’s time for an interview from a philanthropic viewpoint. Walt Walker, a professional engineer with Greeley and Hansen, discusses his work with Engineers Without ... »

19 Nov 2019

Tips for Avoiding Financial Heartburn for Your Utility

JP Joly of Waterworth discusses water utility financial issues and offers great insights on water utility finances. JP delves into a wide array of financial issues affecting utilities, including model... »

05 Nov 2019

Scalable, Modular, Onsite Wastewater Treatment

Aquacycl Founder and CEO, Orianna Bretschger, discusses the BioElectrochemical  Treatment Technology (BETT) that allows for distributed wastewater treatment or pretreatment. It’s a great look insi... »

15 Oct 2019

Indiana’s Water Infrastructure Task Force

Marty Wessler sits on Indiana’s legislatively created Water Infrastructure Task Force, several of whose recommendations were enacted into law in 2019. Marty relates the work of the task force, why ... »

01 Oct 2019

Water Equity in Louisville

Tony Parrott & Sharise Horne of the Louisville MSD tackle the important issue of water equity in Louisville, KY. Tony & Sharise describe how Louisville MSD’s workforce development, procureme... »

17 Sep 2019

The Story of Watership Blue and Ship-to-Shore Desalination

Entrepreneur Rocky Holliday joins The Water Values Podcast to discuss the story of Watership Blue and ship-to-shore mobile desalination. Rocky discusses where the idea for Watership Blue originated, h... »

03 Sep 2019

Are Your Utility’s Water Finances Half Full or Half Empty?

Glenn Barnes of Water Finance Assistance provides a terrific overview of water finance issues. Glenn shares his knowledge and experience after working for over a decade in water finance and UNC’s En... »

20 Aug 2019

Urban Water Systems and Sustainable Water Management

Newsha Ajami, Director of Urban Water Policy at Stanford and a Research Engineer for Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, engages in a wide-ranging discussion about her interdisciplinary appr... »

06 Aug 2019

Utility Infrastructure and Governance Down Under

Arron Hieatt joins us to discuss Australia’s water utility governance regime and infrastructure issues. Arron clearly describes Australia’s water utility governance model and the infrastructure is... »

18 Jun 2019

Water Governance

Manny Teodoro, Associate Professor at Texas A&M, delivers an insightful and fun interview. Manny discusses the public vs. private ownership models, the benefits and dangers of each (yes, publicly owne... »

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