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16 Apr 2019

The AWWA: Past, Present and Future

American Water Works Association (AWWA) CEO David LaFrance joins The Water Values Podcast for a wide-ranging look at the AWWA. David recounts some history of the AWWA, discusses AWWA’s strategic ini... »

02 Apr 2019

Leaning In on Digital Water

Reese Tisdale returns for a third time to discuss digital water. As always, Reese does a terrific job identifying trends, explaining drivers for water industry trends, and providing specific examples ... »

19 Mar 2019

Wisdom from the Shores of Lake Erie

Todd Danielson, Chief Utilities Executive at Avon Lake Regional Water, relates a number of issues pertaining to utilities in the Midwest. While water quantity does not rise high on the list of issues ... »

05 Mar 2019

Water-Derived Financial Risk

Antony Currie, a financial reporter who writes about financial risk from water, joins The Water Values Podcast to discuss the risks to the economy from water. Antony details a plethora of issues facin... »

19 Feb 2019

Los Angeles’ Approach to Infrastructure

Adel Hagekhalil, General Manager & Executive Director of City of Los Angeles’ Bureau of Street Services and former Assistant Director with Los Angeles’ Bureau of Sanitation, shares his approach to... »

05 Feb 2019

A Watershed Investment Strategy

Bill Brennan sheds significant light on building a portfolio of sustainable & ESG investments in the water sector. Bill discusses characteristics of companies he looks for, distinguishing those co... »

15 Jan 2019

Utilities & Infrastructure Panel at BGD LegCon

BGD LegCon previews the upcoming Indiana legislative session. While the subject matter may be Indiana-specific, I felt it important to release an episode with this panel because it provides insight in... »

01 Jan 2019

Groundwater Depletion and Water Conflict

To kick off 2019, long-requested guest, Jay Famiglietti, joins The Water Values Podcast to discuss groundwater depletion and water conflict.. Jay formerly worked as the Senior Water Scientist at NASA... »

18 Dec 2018

The Year in Water 2018

A blue ribbon panel of water experts discusses what happened with water in 2018 and provides a glimpse into what they expect 2019 will look like. Todd Danielson, Chief Utilities Executive for Avon Lak... »

04 Dec 2018

A Fresh Perspective on WASH and Related Issues

WASH consultant Ed Bourque joins The Water Values Podcast and lends a fresh perspective on WASH issues. Ed discusses the relationships of WASH with integrated water resource management and water gover... »

20 Nov 2018

Water Reuse

Water Reuse Association (WRA) Executive Director Patricia Sinicropi joins The Water Values Podcast for a deep dive into the current state of water reuse. Pat identifies current geographic hotbeds in t... »

06 Nov 2018

Water Resiliency for the Ag Economy

Chris Peacock, founder and CEO of AQUAOSO Technologies, discusses building a water resilient future for the ag economy. Chris addresses water risk assessment in the ag sector from banks to investors t... »

13 Oct 2018

Challenges for Water and Sewer Utilities

Peggy Gallos, Executive Director of the Association of Environmental Authorities of New Jersey, discusses challenges faced by water and sewer utilities. Peggy’s position and diverse background, comi... »

02 Oct 2018

Resiliency and Regionalism in Southern California

Jeffrey Kightlinger, General Manager of The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, makes his second appearance on The Water Values Podcast. Jeffrey discusses hardening Metropolitan’s in... »

18 Sep 2018

Discussing Water Entanglement

In this episode, we look at things from a different perspective. Sci-Fi author Claudiu Murgan discusses his new book, Water Entanglement,  and explains how he made water a central theme and characte... »

04 Sep 2018

Managing Water Like Inventory

Frank Burns explains how his time designing wastewater treatment plants led to the founding of a technology company that identifies water waste in the built environment. Frank gives a wide-ranging loo... »

21 Aug 2018

A Contractor’s Practical Thoughts on Sewer Overflows

David Putnam conveys some of the wisdom he’s learned during his 40 years as contractor in the water and sewer industry. David talks prevention of SSOs, including his patented invention, the Sewer Se... »

07 Aug 2018

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Water Utilities

Doug Hatler of Fracta, Inc., discusses artificial intelligence and machine learning for water utilities. Doug identifies how the AI and ML capabilities work, where we are on the adoption scale, and ma... »

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