Moonshot Missions & the Modules that Can Optimize Utilities

7 Jan 2020  |  Episode #161  |  with George Hawkins

After 100 episodes since his last appearance, George Hawkins joins The Water Values Podcast and discusses his work with Moonshot Missions. After filling us in on the 2 years since his departure from DC Water, George details specific examples of how utilities with challenging circumstances can optimize different aspects of their systems by adopting the modules prepared by Moonshot Missions. George asserts that the trillions of estimated utility capex spend is overinflated and identifies ways utilities can achieve more with less. As with every interview George does, this is a can’t miss episode.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • George’s voluntary departure from DC Water
  • Why George started Moonshot Missions
  • The for profit and the not-for-profit arms of Moonshot Missions
  • How the not-for-profit Moonshot Missions helps struggling utilities
  • The utilities eligible for help from the not-for-profit Moonshot Missions arm
  • Why George thinks the estimated trillions of utility capex spend is overinflated
  • The low-hanging fruit for utilities to improve operational, financial and environmental performance
  • The role of non-revenue water in improving utility performance 

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