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Episode #178 — 20 October 2020 “Excelerating” Innovation with Kim Baker

with Kim Baker

Kim Baker, Director of Innovation, Water, at Elemental Excelerator, pulls back the curtain on fostering innovation in the water and other climate verticals at Elemental Excelerator. Kim nimbly moves from topic to topic and illustrates how water innovators can be even more powerful when partnering with other climate innovators.

In this session, you’ll learn about: 

  • The background and mission of Elemental Excelerator
  • How Elemental Excelerator fosters innovation across multiple climate verticals, including water
  • The targeted investments Elemental Excelerator makes in companies
  • What Elemental Excelerator looks for when selecting companies
  • How selected companies benefit from their peers in the Elemental Excelerator program
  • The power of storytelling in the water sector
  • The trends Kim is seeing in new water technologies

Resources and links mentioned in or relevant to this session include: 

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