Bluefield launches Data Navigator Platform to guide water market decisions

19 Nov 2018  |  Press Release

Boston, Massachusetts – Bluefield Research, a leading provider of water market insight, has announced the launch of its new data platform for the water industry. Bluefield Navigator brings together relevant water market forecast, project, and company data– into one online platform, for easy access to data-backed water market insights.

“Data is crucial to the water industry. There’s a lot of data out there, but it’s really important to have access to the right data. Executives don’t have time to sort through multiple spreadsheets or try to reconcile disparate data sources,” says Bluefield President Reese Tisdale. With Bluefield Navigator, we provide easy-access to water market data, through user-friendly dashboards, to help companies assess opportunities, understand market trends, and validate strategic decisions.

There are over 49,000 municipal water systems in the U.S. alone. By bringing together relevant public data sources (i.e. EPA and utility data) with our own proprietary databases and rigorous forecast methodology, we can offer a complete picture of water and wastewater markets. Bluefield’s new data platform ties together a range of municipal, industrial, and digital water market datasets to help companies make stronger, more informed strategic decisions.

“In an industry that is changing and consolidating quickly the ability to provide regular data updates has become crucial,” says Tisdale. Offering our M&A data in real-time provides our clients with the ability to search across water deals, see which companies are most likely to acquire and be acquired, and know who is backing the deals.

“By providing our data through Bluefield Navigator  we are offering flexibility to our clients. Whether projecting capital expenditures for aging water infrastructure, or forecasting Water for Hydraulic Fracturing over the next ten years, the platform can be customized to meet specific needs. Visualization allows easy access to market insights, customizable filters offer breakdowns by geography or market segment, and raw data provides a deep dive.”

“There’s so much we can do as it relates to water and data – whether it be around water rates, aging infrastructure, industrial reuse and more. We are excited to be helping to drive the water industry forward. We strongly believe data will play a key role in making that happen”, adds Tisdale.

About Bluefield Research

Bluefield Research provides data, analysis and insights on global water markets. Executives rely on our water experts to validate their assumptions, address critical questions, and strengthen strategic planning processes. Bluefield works with key decision-makers at municipal utilities, engineering, procurement, & construction firms, technology and equipment suppliers, and investment firms.