The Water Values Podcast

The Water Values Podcast series is presented in collaboration with Bluefield Research. This podcast series explores water issues from a variety of perspectives with the goal of uncovering the true value of water. Each episode will delve into one aspect of water, such as water utilities, water treatment, water resources, water reuse, and more.

Hosted by:
Dave McGimpsey


For sponsorship opportunities or to send us topic ideas, contact us:


For sponsorship opportunities or to send us topic ideas, contact us:

Featured Podcast
2 Apr 2024  |  Episode #255   |  Allen Townsend

Corporate Water Stewardship and Science Based Targets with WWF’s Allen Townsend 

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4 Jun 2014  |  Episode #149
with Jonathan Grant

Mainstreaming AI and Machine Learning

3 Jun 2014  |  Episode #14
with Steve Maxwell

Four Ways We Need to Think Differently about Water

27 May 2014  |  Episode #13
with Tim Eder

How We’re Overcoming Challenges in the Great Lakes

20 May 2014  |  Episode #12

BLM and Water in the High Desert

13 May 2014  |  Episode #11
with Nicole Seltzer

What Works in Water Education?

6 May 2014  |  Episode #10
with Will Sarni

Water as a Business Risk. And Opportunity.

29 Apr 2014  |  Episode #9
with David Zetland, Ph.D.

The Economics of Water

22 Apr 2014  |  Episode #8
with Marty Melchior

Rehabbing Our Rivers! River Restoration or Reclamation?

15 Apr 2014  |  Episode #7
with Dr. Ellen Wohl

What’s a Leaky River?

8 Apr 2014  |  Episode #6
with Prof. Jim Salzman

Why Do We Drink Bottled Water?

24 Mar 2014  |  Episode #4
with Mike McGuire

Safe Drinking Water and the History Behind it

13 Mar 2014  |  Episode #3
with Jenn Vervier

Clean Water = Great Beer! A Conversation

13 Mar 2014  |  Episode #2
with Jack Wittman

Water Planning

13 Mar 2014  |  Episode #1
with Matt Klein

Perspectives on Water