The Water Values Podcast

The Water Values Podcast series is presented in collaboration with Bluefield Research. This podcast series explores water issues from a variety of perspectives with the goal of uncovering the true value of water. Each episode will delve into one aspect of water, such as water utilities, water treatment, water resources, water reuse, and more.

Hosted by:
Dave McGimpsey


For sponsorship opportunities or to send us topic ideas, contact us:


For sponsorship opportunities or to send us topic ideas, contact us:

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18 Jun 2024  |  Episode #260   |  Jonathan Haswell

Reimagining Desalination with OceanWell’s Jonathan Haswell 

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7 Jul 2015  |  Episode #64
with Parjana CEO Greg McPartlin

Achieving Groundwater Balance

16 Jun 2015  |  Episode #63
with Jeff Favina

Flushing with No Discharge

2 Jun 2015  |  Episode #62
with Paul Kramer

What Is FOG and Why Is It Important?

19 May 2015  |  Episode #61
with Steve Cavanaugh

Non-Revenue Water and Its Misperception

5 May 2015  |  Episode #60
with DC Water CEO George Hawkins

Change Leadership

28 Apr 2015  |  Episode #59
with Ku McMahan, Ph.D.

Securing Water for Food

22 Apr 2015  |  Episode #58
with ISI VP of Public Education Denise Nelson

The EnvisionTM Ratings System

7 Apr 2015  |  Episode #56
with Krausz USA President Tom Gwynn

Efficient Water Pipe Repairs

24 Mar 2015  |  Episode #55
with CWCB Director James Eklund

Behind the Headgates of Colorado’s Water Plan

17 Mar 2015  |  Episode #54
with Terrence McDonough

What’s Behind Water Charges in Ireland?

3 Mar 2015  |  Episode #52
with the Honorable Susan Latvala, former Pinellas County Commissioner

The Story Behind Tampa Bay Water

24 Feb 2015  |  Episode #51
with Ceres’ Sharlene Leurig

The Impact of Climate Change on Water

17 Feb 2015  |  Episode #50
with OndaVia CEO Mark Peterman

Advancements in Water Testing