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Archives: Staff

08 Jan 2019


Greg Goodwin is a project consultant with several years of experience across the clean technology, industrial operations, and asset-based industries. He most recently worked at LNS Research covering e... »

05 Nov 2018


Wes McDaniel currently drives Bluefield’s North America business development efforts as Sales Manager for the region. Prior to joining Bluefield, he most recently worked for Sigora Solar as a Sa... »

01 Jun 2018

Mike Kozar

Mike Kozar is a Senior Analyst for Bluefield Research, primarily focused on the firm’s U.S. & Canada Industrial Insight Service. With experience researching the water-energy nexus, Mike has ... »

01 Jun 2018

Shaun Shen Teck Ho

Shaun Shen Teck Ho is an analyst at Bluefield research, focused on data collection and analysis of U.S. municipal and industrial water markets for Bluefield clients. Shaun graduated from Northeastern ... »

15 Feb 2018

Bindler, Eric

Eric Bindler is a Senior Analyst and primarily  focuses his efforts on U.S. municipal water and wastewater insights and custom research for Bluefield clients. Eric has played a key role in analyzing ... »

08 Jan 2017

Casey, Erin Bonney

Erin Bonney Casey leads Bluefield’s U.S. municipal water practice and has demonstrated experience across a range of sectors, technology applications and pressing industry topics, including wastewate... »

07 Jan 2017

Maize, Will

Will Maize focuses on municipal water infrastructure projects and trends, including smart water technology applications and emerging technologies. Prior to joining Bluefield Research, he worked with ... »

04 Jan 2017

Aldock, Steph

Steph has extensive background leading B2B marketing for market research and insight firms. She has over 15 years of experience driving go-to-market strategy across the water, energy, chemical, and te... »

03 Jan 2017

Ambrose, William W.

Bill is a principal at Stone Silo LLC, an investment and advisory firm specializing in Industry Research and Analysis. He has founded two industry analysis start-ups– Emerging Energy Research, speci... »

02 Jan 2017

Hays, Keith

Keith Hays is a seasoned market insight professional with over 15 years’ experience in the telecom and energy sectors as a management consultant and industry analyst. Prior to joining Bluefield, Kei... »

01 Jan 2017

Tisdale, Reese

Reese Tisdale has an extensive background in industry research, strategic advisory, and environmental consulting in the power and energy industries. Prior to co-founding Bluefield, Mr. Tisdale was Res... »

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ESRI Water GIS Conference
(Nashville, February 4-6)

2019 Design-Build for Water/Wastewater Conference

(Cincinnati, April 10-12)


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