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09 Jul 2019


Nathan Goldstein is a Project Consultant in Bluefield’s Boston office, where he is focused on industrial and municipal water market trends and forecasts. Prior to joining Bluefield, Nathan worked at... »

19 Jun 2019


Emma Bartlett is a Research Analyst for Bluefield Research’s U.S. & Canada Municipal Water Insight Service. She currently focuses her time on analyzing capital improvement plans and budgets ... »

18 May 2019


Cullen Mitchell is a research analyst in Bluefield’s North America office, where he is focused on U.S. & Canada municipal water insights. Prior to enrolling at Tufts University as a graduate... »

06 Mar 2019


Alicia Jaquet-Morrison is a project consultant with experience in technology-based solutions for water utilities, machine-based learning, predictive analytics in water management, and data usage in po... »

08 Jan 2019


Greg Goodwin is a project consultant with several years of experience across the clean technology, industrial operations, and asset-based industries. He most recently worked at LNS Research covering e... »

05 Nov 2018


Wes McDaniel currently drives Bluefield’s North America business development efforts as Sales Manager for the region. Prior to joining Bluefield, he most recently worked for Sigora Solar as a Sa... »

15 Feb 2018

Bindler, Eric

Eric Bindler is the Research Director of Digital Water at Bluefield Research. He supports Bluefield clients with market research and analysis covering a range of topics, including smart water hardware... »

08 Jan 2017

Casey, Erin Bonney

Erin Bonney Casey leads Bluefield’s U.S. municipal water practice and has demonstrated experience across a range of sectors, technology applications and pressing industry topics, including wastewate... »

04 Jan 2017

Aldock, Steph

Steph has extensive background leading B2B marketing for market research and insight firms. She has over 15 years of experience driving go-to-market strategy across the water, energy, chemical, and te... »

03 Jan 2017

Ambrose, William W.

Bill is a principal at Stone Silo LLC, an investment and advisory firm specializing in Industry Research and Analysis. He has founded two industry analysis start-ups– Emerging Energy Research, speci... »

02 Jan 2017

Hays, Keith

Keith Hays is a seasoned market insight professional with over 15 years’ experience in the telecom and energy sectors as a management consultant and industry analyst. Prior to joining Bluefield, Kei... »

01 Jan 2017

Tisdale, Reese

Reese Tisdale has an extensive background in industry research, strategic advisory, and environmental consulting in the power and energy industries. Prior to co-founding Bluefield, Mr. Tisdale was Res... »

"Frackers in the region pay an average 50 to 75 cents for a barrel of water, according to Bluefield Research. That amounts to more than $200,000 a well..."… via @WSJ #WaterforFracking #WaterEnergyNexus #WaterforHydraulicFracturing

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