Mapping the Digital Water Vendor Landscape: Global Water Hardware, Software & Service Providers

2 Nov 2021
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The growth of the digital water market has coincided with an explosion of digital technology and service providers targeting water, wastewater, and stormwater segments over the past 20 years. The profiles of global companies stepping up their water-related positions range from startups to well-established industry incumbents. With so many eyes on the digital water segment, these companies represent the key movers and shakers worth watching at this early stage of the industry’s digital transformation.

This Insight Report provides a snapshot of the global digital water vendor landscape and highlights key trends related to product segmentation, company formation, venture investment, and M&A activity.


Report Scope

Bluefield has built a database of 940 global digital water solutions providers, collecting data on company headquarters, product offerings, age, size, ownership, and funding status. The dataset depicts a heavily fragmented ecosystem ranging from small localized hardware, software, and service businesses to large, well-capitalized players expanding their diversified platform positions via acquisitions and investment.

Report Features

  • Digital Water Vendors by Ownership Type, Solution Category
  • Digital Water Vendors by Product Type, Water Type
  • Digital Water Vendors by Employee Count
  • Digital Water Vendors by Year of Founding, 1900-2021
  • Cumulative Digital Water Vendors Founded by Year & Product Type, 1970-2021
  • Cumulative Digital Water Vendors Founded by Year & Solution Category, 1970-2021
  • Digital Water Vendors by Region & Solution Category
  • Share of Companies Backed by VC by Year of Company Founding
  • Share of Companies Backed by VC by Product Type
  • Digital Water Acquisitions of Top Buyers by Solution Category


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